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Everything here is manufactured, printed and posted out to you from Contrado in London.

Please use the 'Buy Now' buttons to be directed to the Contrado website to make your purchase.

I hope you love these items as much as I do, I had huge fun creating these design.

Fee xx

Ceramic Mug

From a design inspired by my lovely friend Anna, who knits beautiful things and loves wolves.

If you ever wondered where wolves got their sheep's clothing, wonder no more...the mystery is solved!

A must for any knitters ( or other crafters!) to sup a much deserved brew from between all that knitting and pearling.

£10.00 + p&p

blue hare mug 2.jpg

Bone China Mug

Moon Gazing Hare design on a really good quality bone china mug.

For a vegan friendly ceramic clay builders mug please click HERE.






£ 13.00 +p&p


Ceramic Mug

Jack Hare shares his musings on this ceramic  vegan friendly mug, 

'... Jack Hare gazed up at the dreaming moon above him, he saw the jewels of the stars shining against the soft deep blue velvet sky.  He breathed in deeply and took in the sweet scents of the gentle spring evening and gave a contented sigh.... Sometimes, he thought, all you need is to gaze at the moon and hug the one you love to be the richest hare on earth...'

£10.00 +p&p

Blue hare tea towel.jpg

Cotton Tea Towel

Hares are such magical creatures, treading the boundary between myth and 'reality' and familiar to us through stories and ancient traditions.

This design, printed in a beautiful deep blue comes from my original  Moon Gazing Hare lino print (click HERE to see original work)

£ 14.00 +p&p


Ceramic Mug

 'Jack Hare ' and 'The Field Folk Band' ceramic vegan friendly mug.

Jack Hare and his band lead a merry life as travelling folk musicians, along with their performing friends.

Jack Hare and friends evoke that traditional festival, fairground sense of fun and freedom...

Perfect for a brew around a camp fire.

£ 10.00 +p&p


Ceramic Mug



Perfect for Valentines Day, this ceramic Vegan friendly mug is available for a limited time only.

This design of two joyous Magpies in a traditional folk style is taken from  my original lino print , (Click HERE to see orginal work)

£ 10.00 +p&p