Here is a little collection of artwork I  have created for various different clients.

I work in a range of mediums and sizes, from small water colour or gouache paintings and sketches to shop fronts.

I can draw and paint in various different styles to suite the clients wishes.

If you would like to commission some artwork, just pop me an email to find out more information.

I love creating artwork for my very lovely clients, and always have their requirements as my top priority to ensure they are happy with the finished piece, no matter what size it is.

Logo for Maggie Mays Performing Arts School. Gouache on watercolour paper.

Fairy Bunny Ballerina for Maggie Mays Performing Arts School. Gouache on watercolour paper.

How cats get their stripes! Private commission. Gouache on hand made water colour paper.

Me actually painting!

Autumnal scene of Brown Moss, painted on Lornashouse shop hoarding. Unfortunately a truck accidentally crashed into the shop window, smashing it, and making it necessary to have a wooden hoarding. The business owner wanted a local scene painting on the hoarding to brighten up the street and shop front. This painting proved to be unbelievably popular with shoppers and actually increased footfall into the shop!

Lornashouse shop front - Brown Moss. All the birds and animals in this painting where requested by passers by - it was such fun to paint.

Lornashouse shop front in progress.

The owners of Lornashouse loved the Brown Moss autumn scene so much, they decided to ask me to turn it into a winter scene during the run up to Christmas. We had discovered that after WW2 the mere at Brown Moss froze solid and people from the town went ice skating on it - so I turned it into a snow scene and added skaters from 1940s photographs. Again I added birds and animals as requested by passers by - including a Yeti!

The beginning of the repaint, from Autumn to Winter .

Lornas House winter 2_edited

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Me painting a photographers backdrop... and realizing how big my bum looks in this photo!

Fairy Forrest photographers backdrop for The Little Portrait Studio in Whitchurch. This was a lovely job to work on, working closely with the photographer to ensure that it was exactly right for her beautiful children's Fairy Portraits. This painting went through various stages and light tests to make sure it worked. Acrylic paint on vinyl.

Dray horses painted onto a show dray. The owner of the wagon wanted his two horses painted onto the wagon flatbed. I created the horse portraits, working from a photograph, the scrollwork was painted by a professional sign writer. I absolutely loved working on this. Sign writers enamel paint on wood.

This little pair of doors were for the inside of a beautiful traditional bow top wagon. The owner wanted portraits of his horses on them, to replace existing images. The scroll work was already on the doors. The horses portraits were taken from photographs. Another wonderful job. Acrylic paint on wood.

Water colour, ink and pencil on water colour paper. This was created as a birthday present for a child who loves dragons.

Close up of one the horse portraits from the wagon doors. This was a joy to paint. The portrait covered up some previous artwork the owner no longer wanted. I painted this using acrylic paint, onto the pre primed door.

A metal donation box for Park in The Past. The artwork on the box represents the animals that can be found at Park in the Past. It was so lovely to paint otters, badgers and squirrels in this style. Enamel paint on metal.

The front of the donation box for Park in the Past. As the site is in Wales, the text is Welsh for 'Thank you'. This was such fun to paint. Enamel paint on metal

Park in the Past logo hand painted on the lid of the donation box. enamel paint on metal.

A little video on the last day painting the dray, thanks to Chris.